Guidance: College Counseling

  1. College Counseling Services

Student Meetings

Senior meetings occur throughout the school year. The guidance counselor meets individually with each senior focusing on the college and scholarship application process and any other pertinent matters such as job shadowing and career planning. Seniors can also schedule individual appointments at any time throughout the year.

Junior meetings occur throughout the school year. The guidance counselor meets individually with each junior to give him or her the opportunity to reflect upon his or her personal goals and aspirations. We explore career interests, college matches, extracurricular activities, and academic endeavors to set a plan of action for their senior year.

Students in grades 6-10 will each have an official individual guidance appointment to discuss academics, colleges, and future career plans. College and career exploration, as well as goal setting, is encouraged. 

Parent Information Meetings

An important component of the school counseling program at Patrick Henry Academy is assisting in the preparation of our upper level students for their next step as well as keeping our parents informed. In the fall semester of each year, senior, junior and underclassman parent nights will be held to discuss college and career readiness with parents of 8th-12th grade students. In the spring term of each year, a parent night will be held to discuss academic tracts and college readiness for parents of 5th-7th grade students. Individual parent appointments are always available and encouraged for personalized assistance. 

Career Day

Representatives from a variety of career paths and interest areas are scheduled to come talk to students in grades 1-12 each month. In the spring, students "Dress For Success" on career day and each individual class invites a career professional to come visit the classroom to talk about his or her career path. 

Career Exploration

Classroom lessons are conducted to encourage self and career exploration. Personality tests are given in the upper school to assist in researching careers. 

Junior College tours

A college tour trip is available for juniors. Accompanied by the counselor, students will visit a variety of campuses allowing them to get a feel of what could potentially be a good fit for them and helping to add direction to the college application process their senior year.

Job Shadow

Juniors and seniors are encouraged to participate in our job shadow program. Students are encouraged to shadow a professional in a career field of interest. All paperwork and guidelines are distributed through guidance. 


Students are encouraged to search for scholarships that meet their individual needs. A good place to start is by looking at the college websites. College specific scholarships are typically listed and described as well as state scholarships. Beware of any scholarship or scholarship search program that you have to pay for as they may be scams. As scholarships are received in the counseling office, they will be distributed or announced to students and parents. Following are some online resources to assist you with your search process:

College Board :                           

CollegeNET :                              

College Scholarships:                 

Fast Web:                                    

Lowcountry Scholarship Directory:

Military Scholarships:                

Peterson’s Scholarship Search:  

Sallie Mae’s College Answer:   

School Soup:                              

Super College:                           

TG’s scholarship search:           

US News:                                  


Other helpful links:

College Abacus:  ("Lifting the veil off true college costs": see article in The State: )

Federal Student Aid:

Federal Student Aid:

Making Sense of College Grants, Loans, and Scholarships:

SC Commission on Higher Ed:

SC Tuition Grants:



The following tests are given in order to assist our students with college planning and preparation:

-          PSAT


           * The PSAT/NMSQT is administered to all 8th grade honors, 10th, and 11th grade students. Students in 11th grade will compete in the National Merit Scholorship Program, and students in the 8th grade honors classes will be able to potentially qualify for SC Junior Scholar award.

           * The PSAT 8/9 is administered to all 8th college prep and 9th grade students.


-     PreACT


            * The PreACT is administered to all 10th grade students. 


-          ASVAB (career exploration guide)- offered to 11th and 12th grade students